PANDA and OMEGA systems have been implemented in MoldATSA, the ANSP of Republic of Moldova
Flight Procedure Design system PANDA and Obstacle Management System OMEGA have been implemented  in MoldATSA, the ANSP of Republic of Moldova.

Preliminary expression of interest from the State Enterprise «MoldATSA» to PANDA and OMEGA was expressed in Amsterdam, during the annual Global ATC 2010 conference.  After corresponding procurement procedure R.I.S.K. Company has been awarded by contract. Project implementation period lasted 2 months and finalized with two weeks training for procedure designers of MoldATSA AIS Department and a week of assisted operations.

The Republic of Moldova became ninth counrty in the world where aeronautical services use solutions offered by R.I.S.K. Company. The aeronautical solutions provided by R.I.S.K. Company being successfully applied in Air Navigation Services of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Thailand, Brazil and Dominican Republic.